Difficulty in reaching customers

The reliance on traditional methods in displaying the real estate (paper maps, photos, videos) is no longer enough to draw the attention of potential customers, due to the same marketing method used by all real estate companies. By contrast, when depending on mobile devices, the possibility of reaching customers and interacting with property is much higher.

Difficulty in convincing customers

it’s difficult for most of the customers to imagine the property how it looks like and can they live in it, especially while the real estate is under construction. Which makes the investment decision is much more difficult for them.

Travelling is always necessary:

This affecting the customer’s decision, because the traveling for every potential property is costing much money for the customer, especially for properties outside his living country. Which makes the investment decision is much more difficult for them.

The need for attractive ways of presenting real estate

Through an interactive mobile application which the property can be toured from inside and outside, instead of relying on displaying photos, videos, and paper maps.

The need to organize the management and marketing process

Given the administration’s need to set and adjust prices and monitor rental periods for a large number of available properties on the market through the advanced control panel for every real estate, in addition, to obtain information about customers.

The need of real time reports

The decision-makers are mainly depending on detailed and immediate information and reports of occupancy percentages for every real estate in a building or floor.